Screws, Bolts and Nuts

The prices of the Screws, Bolts and Nuts we stock are listed below. Please contact us for further information on any of our products.

Prices do not include VAT

Coach Bolts with flat washers

Coach Bolts with flat washers
M.10 160mm 6.5" £0.75
M.10 200mm 8" £0.85
M.10 240mm 9.5" £1.05
M.8 160mm 6.5" £0.55td>
M.8 200mm 8" £0.65
M.8 240mm 9.5" £0.75

Coach Screws

Coach Bolts with flat washers
M.10 180mm £0.55
M.10 120mm £0.40
M.8 150mm £0.43
M.8 120mm £0.32
M.6 100mm £0.22
M.6 80mm £0.18
M.6 60mm £0.12

Galvanized Nails

Available in 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm

Quantity Price
1 Kg £3.70 per bag

Green Decking Screws

Size Price
200 x 4.5 x 50mm £5.00
200 x 4.5 x 60mm £5.95

Express Nails

Size Price
90mm £0.25
110mm £0.30
150mm £0.50

Screw Plugs

100 per box

Size Price
Red 6-10 gauge £1.45
Brown 10-14 gauge £1.85

Trade tubs available

Frame Fixings

Size Price
10mm x 100mm £0.38
10mm x 120mm £0.43
10mm x 140mm £0.48
10mm x 160mm £0.54

Clout Nails

Size Price
13mm x 3.0mm £4.35
20mm x 3.0mm £4.35

Brick Screws

Size Price
7.5mm by 102mm £0.22
7.5mm by 122mm £0.27
7.5 by 152mm £0.32


Size 1kg
25mm x 2.65mm £5.60
30mm x 3.55mm £5.60
50mm x 5.0mm £5.60

Gate Furniture Screws

Black or Dipped Galv.

Type Price
5 x 40mm 200 per box £6.95

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Spear and Jackson

Type Price
Shovel and Spades £21.95
Fork £29.50
Post Hole Diggers £35.00
Rakes £24.50
Orange Barrier Fencing £27.95
Pins to suit £1.80