Porcelain Paving

The prices of the Porcelain Paving Products we stock are listed below. Please contact us for further information on any of our products.

Prices do not include VAT

Indian Porcelain

Type Price
Dark Grey 900 x 600mm £40.00 per m2
Light Grey 900 x 600mm £40.00 per m2

Turkish Porcelain

Available in Trenchwood, Amber Dark, Delta Wood

Type Price
300 x 1200mm £45.00 per m2

Italian Porcelain

Various sizes - please contact us for further details


Available in Dark Grey or Light Grey.

Type Price
604 x 604mm £46.00 per m2
1208 x 604mm £46.00 per m2


Available in Noice Brown or Blanco Grey.

Type Price
300 x 1208mm £47.00 per m2


Available in Grey or Mint.

Type Price
900 x 600mm £50.00 per m2